12 Travel Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, and a very busy time for traveling. It is by far the busiest time to travel whether it’s travelling home to see the family or packing up the family to take-off on an exotic vacation. Whatever the reason, it’s important to feel relaxed from the moment you leave your home until you arrive at your final destination. Don’t let the long lines at TSA, packed freeways, or canceled or delayed flights due to bad weather derail your travels. These 12 simple steps will help make any holiday travel better.

  • Use a travel agent for all of your travel needs
  • Research alternative plans as a backup
  • Ship gifts or give gift cards
  • Travel on off-peak days, and plan for the unexpected
  • Leave for the airport with plenty of time
  • Reserve airport parking
  • Use your membership reward points to cut cost
  • Travel on Christmas Day
  • Fly direct to avoid possible connection delays
  • Have alternate routes planned if you are driving
  • Pack light
  • Buy travel insurance!!!

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