About Us

Elite Travel Team was founded by Kevin and Nadine Franz, a husband and wife team who are devoted and seasoned travelers, with an undeniable and infectious passion for global travel. The company was created out of their shared passion for traveling, their favorite pastime. In spite of working long hours, they always make time to travel the world to enjoy amazing vacation experiences. Kevin and Nadine have traveled to all continents except Antarctica, and have plans to travel to Antarctica soon! Travel is truly their passion, and they continue to share many amazing experiences throughout the years, taking as many as 6 vacations annually, while running a busy travel business and other companies. You get the best when you book with Kevin and Nadine, since they travel a lot and use their travel experiences and industry expertise to plan your vacations and advise you.

They are the consummate entrepreneurs who have built other successful businesses. Elite Travel Team was born out of their mutual passion and desire to help everyone they come in contact with see as much of the world as they have. They understand that people want to vacation more but don’t always know where to start. Their goal is to help alleviate all the stress and worry that can sometimes accompany the vacation travel planning process. They use their knack for travel to make travel easier for their clients. They believe that everyone should experience the world, and are truly committed to ensuring that customer service remains a top priority. Elite Travel Team is built on always delivering top notch client service, as customer loyalty is important to Nadine & Kevin. They are a truly remarkable team and you will always have access to them.


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