Beautiful St. Bart

St. Barts (sometimes referred to as St. Barthelemy and St. Barths) is located 15 miles southeast of St. Martin and is an overseas collectivity of France. It is often referred to as the French Riviera of the Caribbean. The beautiful island is famous for being one of the most expensive islands to visit in the world. St. Barts is hilly, eight square miles, and contains 21 white-sand beaches, all of which are open to the general public.  St Barts rarely gets crowded, even during the high season. The island takes great measures to cater to the rich, wealthy, famous and infamous. Visitors cannot help but notice the many million dollar yachts that occupy the harbor of Gustavia and the islands numerous inlets. Visitors can enter the island via plane at St. Barts tiny airport, or by ferry boats from the neighboring island of St. Martin.

As alluded to above, St. Barts is an extremely expensive island to visit compared to other island in the Caribbean. Shopping, dining, taxi rides, excursions, and other activities are very costly. With that said, it is still a beautiful island to visit as long as you plan ahead and budget accordingly.  It is a truly magnificent island, and like nothing else you will see in the Caribbean.  It is a definite must see…at least once in a lifetime.   Here are some things you can do on the island:

Enjoy a meal at the budget eatery Kiki-e Mo in St-Jean or silimilar eateries
Soak up some sun on the beach in St. Jean
Enjoy more fun in the sun at Flamands Beach
Visit the seaside town of Gustavia and its beautiful harbor

Kiki-e Mo Traiteur

Kiki-e Mo is located across the street from the beach in St. Jean. They offer several different types of Italian sandwiches and paninis, pasta and pastries. Plan to spend an average of ($40 USD). The food is very tasty!

St. Jean Beach

St. Jean Beach is made up of two separate beaches that are divided by the Eden Rock promontory, home to the very luxurious and world famous Eden Rock Resort. You can rent umbrellas and lounge chairs along this beautiful beach if you choose to.

Flamands Beach

Located in the northwest area of the island close to several small hotels that line the beach, this long and wide crescent shaped beach is the largest on St. Barts.


The exquisite seaside capital town of St. Barts is simply gorgeous. Gustavia is a fantastic place to wander around for a few hours or days, while doing some dining, shopping and sightseeing.

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