Tips For Enjoying A Great Cruise

So you’ve decided to book your first cruise because your friends keep telling you about the great time they had cruising in the past. To ensure you have the best cruise experience, here are some helpful tips from the seasoned travel experts and professional cruisers at Elite Travel Team.

1. Don’t Pack Too Much Stuff!

When you make your list of clothing you think you will need for your cruise, cut the original list in half!  While ship cabins are efficient at making the most use of small spaces, no one on board or those you are travelling with will care if you recycle outfits. Your ship will offer laundry service you can utilize (for an extra price of course) if you need to clean a couple of clothing items while cruising.

2. Order what You Want

It’s your vacation. What many first time cruisers don’t realize is you can order as many entrees and appetizers at dinner as you wish in the main dining room. If you have special dietary needs, just ask. If you are craving something that is not on the menu, ask your maître de if the chef can accommodate your special request the next night. The staff on the ships want to ensure your needs are accommodated, and will always go out of their way to meet special food requests. Always ask! You will not be disappointed.

3. Take Advantage of Free Room Service

Room service for breakfast is a great way to start the day! If you don’t want to hassle with the crowds in the main cafeteria, room service is a great way to go. Enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee on your balcony to start the day.

4. Eat Lunch in the Main Dining Hall

For a more relaxing dining experience, try the seated lunch in the main dining hall instead of the more chaotic buffet. The dress code is still casual, but the service is great, and the food is amazing.

5. Explore Your Ship.

Take advantage of all the amenities and activities programming available on your ship. Be sure to explore your ship in full the first couple of days you are aboard, so you don’t miss out on any hidden gems that may take your cruise from great to extraordinary.

6. Check in After 2pm

Most people going on cruises can’t wait to get on their ships, often arriving too early at the cruise terminal. While arriving early will get you started on your trip faster, you may not have immediate access to your cabins, and if you are carrying on items, this may be more of a burden as you patiently wait for your cabin to become available. A later arrival means you can more than likely breeze through the check in lines and head straight to your cabins, with very little stress.

Thinking about taking your first cruise but don’t know where to start? Let the seasoned travel professionals at Elite Travel Team guide you from initial booking through arrival at your cruise ship. We are open 8am to midnight CST, 7 days per week.  Contact us today at or 866-218-9188.  You can also book online at  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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