Top 7 Reasons To Use A Cruise Travel Agent To Book Your Next Cruise

1. Using a cruise travel agent will save you time and money – Researching all the cruise ships and itineraries to popular destinations, such as the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Europe and Alaska can lead to hours of frustration on your part – and big disappointment of not finding great deals. A cruise travel agent is skilled in finding the best deals at the best prices in a fraction of the time it will take you.

2. A great cruise travel agent will always have the latest promotions from each cruise line – They will even have access to unpublished promotions that are not available to the general public.

3. Not all cruise lines are created equal – A great cruise travel agent will gather information from you up front before placing you on a particular cruise line. Each cruise line has a certain demographic they cater to. It would be a terrible waste of your money if you booked a cruise hoping for a romantic cruise, only to find the cruise packed with kids. Conversely, how disappointing for your kids to end up stranded on a cruise intended for senior citizens?

4. Less Stress – Let’s face it, planning a cruise or any vacation can be stressful. A cruise travel agent helps you find the best deals for you, and can also ensure you get preferred dinner seating, as well as plan and book pre and post cruise accommodations. It’s easy to see that booking your next cruise with a cruise travel agent can make your life easier and relieve stress.

5. Customer Service – Great cruise travel agents offer personalized services that cannot be matched by online retailers and cruise search engines. A great cruise travel agent offers little things like helping you with reminders to get your passports and visas, as well as recommending the best places to get specialty dinner onboard your cruise.

6. Travel Expertise – Cruise travel agents have specialized expertise in an array of cruise destinations, and have actually cruised on a wide variety of cruise ships – giving them firsthand knowledge of what you can expect on your very own cruise vacation.

7. Travel Insurance Guidance – With the countless options for cruise travel insurance, it can be very confusing deciding whether or not to purchase travel insurance. A travel agent can help you pick which package works best for your needs and educate you on the benefits of purchasing.

With all the variables that go into purchasing a cruise vacation, a cruise travel agent can guide you through the booking process and handle all booking details for you and your family – so you can free up your valuable time and enjoy a great vacation within your budget.

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