Israel is one of the few places in the world that stirs a great deal of passion. From the beauty of the breathtaking valleys and hills, the stillness and rich history of the Dead Sea, the canyon of Makhtesh Ramon, to the ancient walls of Nazareth and Jerusalem. The everyday life of three religions run deeply through the country. Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and Christians all call Israel home. 

 If you travel to Israel, these are the top places to visit for a full appreciation of the country.

  • Baha’i Gardens
  • Masada National Park
  • Basilica of the Annunciation
  • Beit She’an National Park
  • Mount of the Beatitudes
  • Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
  • Masada Museum
  • Hai-Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve
  • Ancient Galilee Boat
  • Makhtesh Ramon Nature Reserve
  • Upper Galilee Museum of Prehistory
  • Coral Beach Nature Reserve
  • Agamon HaHula
  • Beit She’arim National Park
  • Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park
  • En Avdat National Park
  • Rosh HaNikra Grottoes
  • Yehudiya Nature Reserve
  • Banias Nature Reserve
  • Beit Alpha Synagogue
  • Tzipori National Park
  • Nimrod Fortress
  • Hula Nature Reserve
  • Hecht Museum
  • Caro Synagogue
  • Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Park HaYarkon
  • Centre International Marie de Nazareth
  • Knights’ Halls
  • Tishbi Winery
  • Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
  • Ancient Bathhouse
  • Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry
  • Ramat HaNadiv Gardens
  • Golan Archaeological Museum
  • Ein Bokek Beach
  • Megiddo National Park
  • Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery
  • Clandestine Immigration & Naval Museum
  • Jaffa Flea Market
  • Design Museum Holon
  • Carmel Market
  • Nahal Iyyun Nature Reserve
  • Herzliya Beach
  • Netanya Beach
  • Pool of Al Anazia
  • Gordon Beach
  • Palmachim Beach
  • Gamla Nature Reserve
  • Capernaum
  • Caesarea National Park
  • Tel Dan Nature Reserve
  • Wadi David
  • Belvoir Crusader Fortress
  • Arbel National Park
  • Quneitra Viewpoint
  • Rosh Pina
  • Qumran National Park
  • Avdat National Park
  • Timna Park
  • Korazim National Park
  • Magdala

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