Travel Tips & Advice For Seniors and Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are now traveling the globe in record numbers. Not only do they have the time and discretionary income to do so, they are also aging healthier! Travel agencies and tour companies have jumped in head first to meet this growing demand of catering to baby boomers as they travel the world. It takes detailed planning to pull off a successful, safe and worry-free vacation. This is particularly the case for seniors and baby boomers who may have health issues and mobility concerns. We have compiled a list of tips to help seniors and baby boomers with effective travel planning.

  1. Discuss your health and medications with your doctor before you book your vacation. It is important that you and your doctor determine whether or not you are healthy enough to travel so you can proactively address any health concerns that may arise while you travel.
  2. Only book your vacation with reputable travel agents so you avoid scammers who take pride in scamming seniors and baby boomers.
  3. Make copies of all your travel documents and travel itinerary, and email them to yourself and your trusted family members. Also keep the originals and copies separately as you travel should you lose the originals.
  4. Medicare and supplemental insurance may not be enough coverage should you need medical attention overseas. Do your research before you travel and purchase travel insurance to make sure you are covered should you get sick while traveling. The premiums are low and well worth the investment. Air ambulance alone could cost upwards of $25K should you need to get back home for treatment. Trip insurance will not only cover health and illness matters, but will also cover trip interruption.
  5. Get a letter from your doctor addressing any implants including pacemakers that you have so you can provide it to TSA as needed.
  6. Plan ahead and communicate special requests that you may have including wheelchairs, exit row seat, handicap accessible room and bathroom, special diet, special equipment such as oxygen concentrators, and similar items.
  7. Pack more medication than you need, just in case you have flight delays that may cause you to extend your vacation.
  8. Purchase common over the counter drugs and a first aid kit as these items can be quite costly overseas.
  9. Make sure your family members know where you are and who you are traveling with so they can stay informed of your whereabouts should you need them and vice versa.
  10. Limit the amounts of credit cards and cash you take, and stay aware of your surroundings at all times.
  11. Travel in trusted groups and stay close to your travel partners to ensure your safety.
  12. Do not wear expensive items and jewelry so you avoid being targeted by robbers.

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